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  • Asian cherry, a very popular fruit in China where it has been grown for over 4000 years.

  • Jalapeños can prevent cravings for fatty and sweet foods and at the same time makes you happy.

  • A plant Momordica charantia is in the Cucurbita family Cucurbitaceae, aptly named Polish przepękla balsamka melon or cucumber.

  • Tamarind is a brown pod-like legume native to Africa. 

  • A five-sided green-yellow fruit. By cutting through the fruit do asterisks.

  • As a member of the Cucurbitaceae family, the watermelon is related to the cantaloupe ...

  • The fruit is smaller than the red and pink species. It also has spines before maturity. The pulp is white and is scattered with black seeds. It has a sweet delicate flavour.
  • Round yellow fruit with orange handle. 

  • Plantains are a member of the banana family ....

  • Stevia rebaudiana is a sweet or honey grass native to South America, a species of the genus Stevie of the Asteraceae family.

  • Decaisnea fargesii is from the eastern Himalayas to central China. The plant is from the family Lardizabalaceae. It's fascinating in appearance because of the fruit.

  • Papaya is also called tropical melon, because it tastes reminiscent of melon. It is grown mostly in South America, India and southern Africa.

  • Ili zlatna naranča. Bojom i duguljastim izgledom ploda a i okusom koji je nešto između limuna i naranče kumkvat opravdava taj naziv.

  • The pepino is related to the solanaceae family, that includes potato, eggplant and other products. 

  • Mangosteen is the fruit of an evergreen tree. The exact origin is unknown, but is probably from Asia.

  • An elongated green to greenish yellow passion fruit. 

  • In red coloured tamarillo’s, the pulp is light to dark red. The flesh of the tamarillo is tasty and mildly sweet.

  • Nashi looks like an apple. It originated in Asia by crossing apples and pears. It is apple-shaped and pear-shaped.

  • The name of the avocado-alligator pear was given by the English, which this fruit associates with the alligator.

  • Mango is considered to be the oldest fruit, it has been grown in India for over 5000 years.

  • It comes from Japan, where trees of up to 500 years old can be found. It has been cultivated in Europe since the nineteenth century.

  • It comes from the Andes, and is still cultivated by the Incas. It grows at altitudes of 1000 to 2000 meters above sea level.

  • The name of this plant is sometimes spelled Papaw - and in that form is often confused with another fruit that sometimes goes by that name, the Papaya, Carica papaya.

  • Kabocha squash (pronounced kuh-boh-cha) is a hard winter squash available from late fall to late spring.
  • Cucurbita maxima, one of at least five species of cultivated squash, is one of the most diverse domesticated species ....
  • Round purple to reddish-colored fruit.
  • Cucumis melo is a species of melon that has been developed into many cultivated varieties.
  • In the desiccated, usually light brown colored lantern net, is an orange berry that is edible.
  • The tomato is the fruit of the plant Lycopersicon lycopersicum and is a member of the Solanaceae, or Nightshade family.
  • The zucchini or courgette is a popularly cultivated summer squash which often grows to nearly a meter in length ...

  • The butternut squash grows on a vine, has a vase-like shape, yellow skin and orange flesh. When ripe, it turns increasingly deep orange and becomes sweeter and richer.

  • Winter squash, members of the Cucurbitaceae family and relatives of both the melon and the cucumber, come in many different varieties.
  • The surface of the kiwano is peppered with little horns, which explains why the kiwano is called horned melon.
  • In China and Tibet, the Goji berry is called "Happy Fruit".
  • Chayote is pear shaped with thin green prickly or smooth skin. The root, stem, seed, and leaves of the plant are all edible.
  • Sweet potato leaf tea is recommended for improving glycemic index (especially good for diabetics)

  • Usually the squash is round to oval, broad and ribbed. The muscat squash can weigh from three to hunderds of kilograms.
  • The habanero is one of the hottest chillies grown.
  • The colour of Kumato tomatoes varies from dark brown to golden green.
  • The vitalotte potato is a dark purple, almost black potato. The potato is oval shaped and medium sized. Vitalotte potatoes are sweeter than ordinary potatoes and have a subtle nutty flavour.
  • Purple carrots are being explored as a source of such dyes is the purple carrot, ancient ancestor to the modern, orange version.
  • It only looks like a radish. But, behind this radish looking vegetable maca root keep its health secrets.
  • Guava has a sweet or sour taste which can be compared to a combination of pears and strawberries.
  • The skin is yellow and the fruit has juicy yellow flesh without seeds. The taste is fresh and sweet and can be defined as a combination of strawberry and melon.
  • Batat (Ipomoea batatas), known to many as sweet potatoes, is in fact a perennial subtropical vegetable crop native to South America, Africa and Asia.
  • Earnest, the Latin name Capparis spinosa L. is a tropical or subtropical plant that succeeds on the shores of the Mediterranean.
  • Carob is native to the eastern Mediterranean, probably the Middle East,
  • Horseradish has been cultivated since antiquity.