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Vitalotte potetoes

The potato plant is a family member of the nightshades. The potato is native to Peru. The plant however is grown for its, equally named, roots. Each plant grows about 8 till 12 roots. There are many varieties of potato plants. The well known potatoes are brown to yellow coloured, but potatoes can also be orange, red or even purple. Not only the color differs, but also the taste and texture. The skin of every potato is edible.
Main nutrients
Fiber and Vitamin C.
Clean or peel the skin. Then the potato should be fried, boiled or baked except for the crosne potato. Crosne potatoes can be eaten raw.
Potatoes can be eaten raw, but this is generally not done. The waxy potatoes are perfect for dishes where the potato should be intact, like stews and soups. However every potato is easily made into purée, French fries or chips. A well known potato dish is the Spanish Omelet.
When to eat
Keep potatoes at a cool and dry place.
Did you know?

  • The Incan Indians of Peru initially cultivated potatoes around 200 B.C. The spuds were not only eaten in those days, but were used to help set broken bones and to calculate time.
  • The Spanish claim that Gonzalo Jimenez de Quesada was the first to introduce the potato to Europe in the year 1550. The Irish say that it was not until 1585 that Sir Walter Raleigh introduced the potato to Europe.
  • Nearly 8 out of 10 consumers eat some form of potato 3.6 times every two weeks.
  • Although it is sometimes called a yam, the sweet potato is not in the yam family, nor is it closely related to the common potato.