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MAYBERRY (may honeyberry)

Mayberry or Siberian honeyberry is plant originate in the Asiatic part of Russia, on the Pacific coast, and in the eastern Siberia . Edible honeyberry has a lot of positive features – early ripening (2 weeks earlier than strawberry), exceptional hardiness, no specific demands for soil and climatic conditions (it only requires a lot of moisture), and a low susceptibility to pests and diseases . Edible honeyberry contains a wide range of valuable biologically active substances – especially ascorbic acid and polyphenolic compounds(anthocyanins, rutin, quercetin and isoquercetin).Due to their high content of anthocyanins berries can be utilized for coloring jams and similar food products.


A growing shrub, flowers small white, fragrant, appearing in March and withstand up to -7°C.Fruits appear along with the taste of blueberries, raspberries, ripening about 14 days before that of strawberries, which have a high concetration of vitamin C and D . The taste seems to vary depending on variety. The blueberry Siberian is unlike any other fruit . The seeds are similar to that of kiwi, so that not even them . As for his use, basically anything you do with blueberries, you could also do with their eating fresh, cooking, such as jams and jellies, frozen, or anything else you can think of.

The mayberries are not Siberian self-pollinating so at least two varietis are required ,they made bushes and have a minimum of training, because it has a nice branching habit. Typically in the spring all the buds will break and this is very different than most other fruits as the top apical buds have a dominant position. The skin of mayberries black fruits are blue with a waxy coating called “bloom” which is similar to blueberries or similar grapes. Bloom is a natural waxy coating that some consumer sto Exchange error for pesticide residues. Most varietis of berrei are oblong 2 cm in length but as thin as a pencil.
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