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Company Šulog d.o.o. was founded in 1996 with the single intention to produce exotic fruits and vegetables. We were collecting knowledge and experience last 17 years. We were travel around the world (other continens like Asia, and Africa), collect the seeds, prepared technology and year by year we were developing product by product.  We were testing production from purchased seeds on smaller areas, first we invest in production area Donja Bistra 1.500 m2 Grenhouse, plus additional open spaces several hectars. Key purpose for this production area was testing of production, developing production technology with purpose to product seed materials, and collect knowledge in production of very demandy exotic plant culture. Please be aware we are placed in EU climate zone (mix of continental and meditaren clima), we are not tropical area. Today our production technolgy is proved and documented, adopted on local clima, and its giveing excellent results.  Since then, the company is continuously developing, with the possibility of an increase in volume and revenue . And today, no matter what size the company is also the only one such kind in Croatia. At the very beginning of establishment the main product was Kiwano, and today we are able to produce and deliver a greater number of exotic products in a very demanding market. Foreign competition is strong, due to the production thereof in natural habitats. Behind every similar products are larger exporters of the countries where the products originate. With great sacrifices and work,  today we are in a position to produce and supply high quality products. The difference in the quality of our products and the products which coming from foreign far away countries is obvious. The reason is that the exotic fruits and vegetables is very demanding. Specifically exposed to prolonged transport, far away country supplier need to have transfer of goods and several times prior to the final destination, plus time for custom process which include different health inspections. In our case, we are part of EU, and because of the proximity of the site of production possibility of loss of product quality during transport is reduced to a minimum.Today, our products are sold on the Croatian market through the present domestic and foreign retail chains, as well as a number of smaller stores. Currently, our efforts are directed towards finding a business partner abroad, primarily for more export to the EU market. In the short time we are ready to adapt to new demands, and organize a company that will be clearly identified in the European market . Our past experience in manufacturing, and technology that we have give us faith in the future development .

Šulog d.o.o. serves its customers seven days a week, with the motto : " Just picked for your table "

Our team

Martina Perešin Šulog 
The introduction of new products

Good choice!

The winning team
We are very motivated and believe in our success. We have strong-will with a rather common and individual achievements .

Innovation and knowledge
We are keen with strong acceptance of new ideas . We have creative desire and enthusiasm. Through constant research we create new products.

The promises are for us the mission without a recall, with strongly emphasized responsibility towards the consumers of our products.

Restless spirit
Very strong need for new contacts and various communications respecting different opinions ,  customs and culture. We finding new ways. “