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Passion fruit

Outer shell
Round purple to reddish-colored fruit. The skin is tough and leathery and shriveled when ripe. Shield is not edible. Inside the passion fruit are the seeds of yellow-colored flesh around it. These seeds and pulp can be eaten.
Countries of origin:
All countries with a tropical climate in Africa, Asia and Central and South America.
Throughout the year, from different countries of origin.
The flesh of fresh passion fruit is sweet and sour taste. The passion fruit flavor is somewhat like the skin begins to wrinkle.
The passion fruit is picked ripe and matured in principle, not after. The skin begins to shell slightly, but this does not adversely affect the taste. You can keep the passion fruit a few days in the vegetable drawer of your refrigerator.
Did you know ?

  • In Brazil and Colombia the fruit sometimes grows so large that it weighs 1 kilo.
  • When the Spanish brought the maracuya to Europe the leaves were used as a sleep-inducing medicine.
  • In South America maracuya was used in native folk medicine as a sedative.